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Monthly Member Spotlight!

Updated: Apr 4

Christine Banglay was born and raised in the Philippines before

moving to the United States at the age of 12. She pursued her passion

for healthcare and graduated from the Institute of Medical Education

in San Jose, California, with a nursing degree in 2007.

For the next 15 years, Christine dedicated herself to the nursing

profession, specializing in geriatric care, nursing management, and

case management. Her compassionate and dedicated approach

made her highly valued by her patients and colleagues alike.

In February 2023, Christine embarked on a new entrepreneurial

journey and started her own photo booth business. What began as a

side venture quickly gained momentum, and in December 2023, she

made the decision to transition to a full-time photo booth business


Today, Christine offers a variety of photo booth options to her clients

in San Antonio and the surrounding cities. Her attention to detail,

creativity, and commitment to customer satisfaction have made her

a sought-after choice for events and celebrations.

Beyond her professional success, Christine is known for her sweet,

kind, and giving personality. She is loved by many for her genuine

warmth and generosity. Outside of work, Christine finds joy in her role

as a wife and mother, happily raising two children alongside her

supportive husband.

Christine Banglay's journey is a testament to her dedication,

resilience, and entrepreneurial spirit. She continues to inspire others

through her work and personal values, leaving a positive impact on

those around her.


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